Autoclave Steam Sterilizer 4.7 Gallon (18 Liter)

Autoclave Steam Sterilizer 4.7 Gallon (18 Liter)

  • $ 289.99

Heated by immersed electro-thermal tube,It featured to quick rise temperature and low power consumption(saving about 50% of energy as compares with electric stove).This Autoclave can also use liquefied petroleum gas and coal stove as the heating energy. Container is made of Medical stainless steel. The material is not only alkali & acid proof but also 3 times more tensile and compressive than aluminum alloy. Ensuring safety and service life. The lid is equipped with a safety valve and air releasing valve, also a pressure gauge with mega-bar with temperature readings. The Autoclave is capable of using liquefied gas, coal, on top of gas stove and/or with firewood as heating methods. 


1 Portable stainless steel pressure steam sterilizer

1 Power cord