Rotary: Stealth 2.0 Liner / Shader with RCA Clip Cord

  • $ 199.99

Color: Blue or Silver   
2 Connection Type: Clip Cord & RCA   
Box Set Includes:
* 1 Stealth 2.0 Machine 3mm
* 1 4mm Bearing
* 1 4.5mm Bearing
* 2 Allen Keys

The Stealth® 2 Rotary Tattoo Machine is one of the best tattoo machines in the industry today. With the new release of our 2nd generation design, we offer a new variety of colors and free flow design.This machine is CNC'd from a single block of Air Craft Aluminum, then hard grinded for the final finish.
High Performance electric motor spins up to 5000 RPM and is practically silent. With this set you receive all 3 different bearings size, which will allows you to change how far your machine swings out the needle. These bearings allow you to change the swing length to 3mm, 4mm or 4.5mm.  Everyones preference is different this is why we offer several sizes. With this set you can try all 3 and see which one fits you.  

The Stealth Machine itself is 3.5-oz and is super light weight

Question: Can I use the Stealth machine for Lining & Shading?
        Answer: YES, the Stealth is great for lining and artists also love it for its shading.
Question: What are the advantages or benefits to using the Stealth machine?
        Answer: The Stealth uses a High Performance Electric Motor which has the power to push in those larger needles and penetrate any skin type. Because the machine is powered by a electric motor it will never skip or stutter like a conventional coil machines. The Stealth is Consistent and will work the same every time. The Stealth machine speed is also fully adjustable and easy control.
Question: What kind of maintenance does the Stealth machine have?
        Answer: The only maintenance that the Stealth requires is tightening and lubricating. The bearing will need to be tightened and lubricated every month or so. There is no time wasted adjusting your machine like on a standard coil machine.

The Stealth is a consistent machine that will work the same time after time. Bearing life is 1-2 Years and Motor approximately 2-3 Years.