Professional Complete Tattoo Kit 8 Machine

Professional Complete Tattoo Kit 8 Machine

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Brand new in box and ready to ship.
Affordable professional collection, suitable for all level tattoo artist and starters. Complete kit with disposal supplies and carrying case, perfect for apprentice and home visiting business.

8x 10-Wrap Dual Coil Professional Tattoo Guns

- Modern design in shape, providing tactile impression
- Well treated high quality and low vibration metal frame
- Can be set for both lining and shading, providing more convenient use
- Good Coil Wrap operates with low temperature
- Will not overheat even after many hours of continuous use
- Click here - to add one more handmade tattoo machine with extra discount
40x Bottles of 5ml Tattoo Inks
Skin Tone, Banana Cream, Golden Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Snow White, Opaque Snow,White Mixing, Orange Creamsicle, Bright Orange, Tangerine, Peach, Sunburn, Rose Pink, Bright Red, Cherry Bomb, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Co-Co, Carol's Pink, Fuschia, Light Magenta, Aubergine, Dark Red, Seafoam Green, Bahama Blue, Platinum, Baby Blue, Mario's Light Blue, Blue Sky, Mario's Blue, Silver, True Black, Light Purple, Grape, Dark Purple, Dark Chocolate, Mustard, Lime Green, Grass-Hopper, Dragon Green, Light Green

2x Practice Skin
- 1x Blank
- 1x Tiger Image
2x Transfer Papers
1x Tattoo Kit Case
- Sliver and Black
- High-Quality Padded
- Carrying Case with Lock & Key
- Valued for $25.90 1x Power Supply Set
- 360-Degree Convenient Foot Switch
- LCD Power Supply System
- Clip Cord with Spring Neck

50x Tattoo Needles
- High Quality Premade Sterile
- 3/5/7/9RL 5/7/9RS 5/7/9M1
- Frequently Use Sizes and Models
- Try out our Needles with Lighter Silicon Grip for Beginner - 4x Grips and Tubes
- 1x Stainless Steel
- 1x Large Aluminum
- 2x Middle Aluminum 8x Stainless Steel Tips
- 4 for Round Needles
- 4 for Magnum/Flat Needles 18x Disposable Tips
- 8 for Round Needles
- 10 for Magnum/Flat Needle




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