Piercing Set (16) for Tongue, Navel and Body

Piercing Set (16) for Tongue, Navel and Body

  • $ 99.99

Product Description

This professional body piercing tool kit has everything you will ever need for most piercings. The entire kit consists of 16 different tools listed below. It comes in a handsome black case for easy storage and organization. Save big by buying the entire set. We have priced it so it is much less expensive to buy the set than if you purchased each individual tool 
separately, PLUS you receive the case for free!


All tools are crafted in 410 Stainless steel


6" Mini Pennington Forceps - SLOTTED

6" Mini Pennington Forceps

6" Small Loop Sponge Forceps - SLOTTED

6" Small Loop Sponge Forceps16" Large Loop Sponge Forceps - SLOTTED

6" Large Loop Sponge Forceps16" Pennington Forceps - SLOTTED

6" Pennington Forceps

8" Ring Opening Pliers

5 1/2" Ring Opening Pliers

6" Small Ring Closing Ball Pliers

6" Large Ring Closing Pliers

6" Reverse Pennington Forceps

6" Septum Forceps

6" Hemostat Kelly Forceps - Straight14 1/2" Ball Grabbing Pliers