INK: Pigments / 6 / LIP Set / 36 Colors

INK: Pigments / 6 / LIP Set / 36 Colors

  • $ 179.99

BioTouch PURE Permanent Makeup

36 Bottles - 6 Color Pigments - Lip Tone Set

BioTouch PURE Color permanent makeup is professional pigment designed for micro-pigmentation procedures. This set features 6 expertly formulated pigments, designed for use with LIP procedures. Individual use bottles keep pigments fresh until use, and eliminate chances of cross-contamination, providing a safe clean product with every application.


Often referred to as "permanent make-up", micro-pigmentation is a technique in which pigment granules are implanted below the skin for cosmetic and/or corrective enhancement. Micro-pigmentation is used to enhance facial features like eyebrows, lashes and lips as well as to improve conditions like scarring and vitiligo (uneven pigmentation) or even reconstructing the nipple/areola breast area.

What you get:

  • 6 (3 ml) Bottles of Chicago Red
  • 6 (3 ml) Bottles of Bright Red
  • 6 (3 ml) Bottles of Flamingo
  • 6 (3 ml) Bottles of Earthy Red
  • 6 (3 ml) Bottles of Cherry
  • 6 (3 ml) Bottles of Rose Pink