Rotary Machine for Contouring Eyebrows

Rotary Machine for Contouring Eyebrows

  • $ 399.99

- Light weight and small in size. Fits in most work stations perfectly. Low vibration levels.

More advantages:
- Works with brow, eyeliner, and lips tattooing. Medical model
- Flexible
- Smooth running
- Simple adjustment of puncture depth
- Rapid changing of cartridges
- Ergonomic adjustment of the handle bar

Permanent Eyebrow Rotary Makeup Pen Machine
- Original Swiss coreless motor; no burning with long time operation
- Using the flexible PVC connecting wire, it's light to use
- Comfortable to operate
- Using Rotary expansion technology, you can transfer out the length of the needle arbitrarily
- Voltage: 100-240V, suitable for global voltage to use
- Output voltage: 0-12V, suitable for eyebrow tattoo and body tattoo
- Disposable needles, you can tattoo body and eyebrows in the same appointment

- Multifunctional machine, both eyebrow and body tattoo
- 3.5mm Machine plug
- Built-in Swiss import motor
- Interface can transfer the length of needle
- Interface can rotate the purl

Power for Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Machine
- Combined multi-function tattoo and eyebrow tattoo machine with LCD power combines a tattoo eyebrow a multi-function dc power supply, the perfect curve design and hand touch tone screen. Is suitable for all tattoo and eyebrow tattoo machines. Ability to switch between two machines at the same time. The machine is light and easy to carry.

- No burning with long time use and make the power supply has long life.
- Automatic power shut off if there is voltage overload. It is safe and reliable.
- Easily switches between two machines at the same time, making the operation more efficient.
- Suitable for all kinds and parts of skin.
- Working voltage : 100-240V, suitable for global use.
- Rated running power : 0-12V, suitable for all tattoo machines use.
- Manual and brake pedal switch can make the operation more convenient to control.
- Computer LCD can automatically display power, operating time and switch data.

Foot Pedal Switch
- Material: Silicone
- Stable, does not skid or slip
- Operation is multifunctional. Can operate with all tattoo power supply units

Aluminum Alloy Bracket
- Made soft silicone, which is not easy to slide while starting the machine 

15 Needles; 5 / 1RL, 5 / 3RL, 5 / 5RL 
Package Includes:
- 1 x Permanent makeup tattoo rotary machine
- 1 x LCD power supply system
- 1 x Footswitch
- 1 X Aluminum handpiece holder
- 15* Tattoo permanent makeup needles(5*1RL,5*3RL,5*5RL)