KIT: 2 Machines 40 / Inks / Apprenticeship Work / Professional Tattooists

KIT: 2 Machines 40 / Inks / Apprenticeship Work / Professional Tattooists

  • $ 159.99


Tattoo machine 10 wrap coils.

Can be set for both lining & shading, working voltage at 7V-10V

Frequency: 120-150 HZ, one-year warranty

LCD Power Supply System. Built-in short-circuit protection and leakage protection makes it safer, steadier and more powerful when tattooing. 6-month warranty.

Foot pedal, clip cord, power cord available.

Quality Tattoo Inks Approved By SGS & FDA.

40 Inks 5ml,

Colors include:
Rose Pink/Peach/Soft Orange/Bright Orange/Tangering/Hard Orange/Dark Red/Dark Chocolate/Mario's Blue/Kooland/Fuschia/Dark Purple/Mario's Light Blue/True Magenta/Light Magenta/Skin Tone/Golden Yellow/Bananer Chean/Snow White Opaque/Lemon Yellow/Sunburn/Lollipop/Flesh/Cherry bomb/Bright red/Carol's pink/Co co/Light brown/Medium brown/Bamboo/Teal /Nahama Blue/Hunter Green/Light Green/Lime Green/Silver/True Black/Light Purple/Grape/Dark Green

2 Alloy Tattoo Grips; comfortable, non-slip, firm, professional grips for each machine, making it convenient to use!

50 pcs Tattoo needles: Individually blister packed & pre-sterilized

Steel Tattoo tips: 8 pcs high-quality, easy-to-clean tattoo tips.

Disposal Tattoo Tips: 20 pcs

5 Black matching Disposable Grips

1 pcs Tattoo Ink Cup Holder
1 pcs Thick Practice Skin
50pcs Grommets to keep needle steady
50pcs Rubber bands in order to avoid machine vibration
50pcs O-rings to ensure spring smoothness
1 set Adjustment tool set for machine
1 set Cleaning Brushes for machine, tips & grips
1 Pair Latex Tattoo Gloves
1 pcs 4-part SPIRIT Stencil Paper
1 pcs Portable Carry Case with Lock & Key
50 pcs Medium Tattoo Ink Cups
50 pcs Small Tattoo Ink Cups