2 Professional Gold Chrome Tattoo Machine Kit

2 Professional Gold Chrome Tattoo Machine Kit

  • $ 149.99

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2x Professional Gold Chrome Tattoo Machine Kit

    Modern design
    Well treated high quality and low vibration metal frame
    Can be set for both lining and shading

    Good Tattoo Coil Wraps

    Operates with low temperature
    Will not overheat even after many hours of continuous use

    10x Organic High Quality Tattoo Inks

      8x 10ml tattoo Inks (Angel White, Devil Black, Navy Blue, Lightning Yellow, Blood Red, Peacock Green and Coffee Brown)

      1 x 10ml Grape as FREE GIFT
      1 x 10ml Carol's Pink as FREE GIFT

      2x Practice Skin

        1x Blank
        1x Tiger Image
        2x Transfer Papers

        1x Tattoo Kit Case, Silver and Black,High-Quality Padded,Carrying Case with Lock & Key

        1x Power Supply Set

          360-Degree Convenient Foot Switch
          Digital LCD Power Supply System
          Clip Cord

          50x Tattoo Needles

            High Quality Premade Sterile
            Random commonly used sizes.

            4x Grips and Tubes
            - 1x Large Stainless Steel
            - 1x Small Stainless Steel
            - 2x Medium Metal Tubes    8x Stainless Steel Tips
            - 4 for Round Needles
            - 4 for Magnum/Flat Needles     18x Disposable Tips
            - 8 for Round Needles
            - 10 for Magnum/Flat Needles

            Other items included:  
            100x Ink Cups
            - 50 Large Size
            - 50 Small Size    
            50x Rubber Rings    
            50x Rubber Bands    
            50x Grommets    
            1x Ink Holder           
            1x Tattoo CD in English
            1x User Manual    

            1x Anti-scar Ointment
            2x Adjust Tools
            2x Pairs of Gloves
            1x Tips Cleaning Kit


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