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Tattoos are more common these days. Tattooing is all about your likes, dislikes, special meaning and your beliefs. Some feel that tattoo designs tell about your personality, some tattoos are made to highlight your lifestyle while some highlight the place where you are from. For whatever reasons, tattoos are very personal to you and in some areas are also believed to bring good health and a promising future.

 Some Archaeologists have said that tattoos are believed to be spread all over the world beginning in Egypt. Early traces of tattoo designs are found in the Neolithic Period. The designs found at this time mainly resemble the animal or God & Goddess or some bravery work performed by them. Throughout all of these years tattoos have made drastic changes and now there are a variety of tattoo designs and ideas everywhere.

Tattoo removal can also be done successfully. So, there is no need to carry on with an older style or perhaps you would just like a alteration! You can now change your mind if you like. It is true that tattoo designs and trends change year after year. Experts do make attempts to make the designs more meaningful and attractive.

So, which new tattoo designs have captured your interests lately? If you are planning to get tattooed then this article can help you with the recent tattoo ideas that are ruling the tattoo market this year. So, here are lists of the ideas;

  • Minimalistic Tattoo Designs

Do you desire a simple tattoo that does not take too much space but at the same time tells something about you or what’s going on in your life? Then maybe you should consider the minimalistic tattoo designs. These designs are very clear and basic, but, are liked by all. Whether it is a single color or two, this is a nice choice for you.

  • Dotwork Tattoo Designs

The name says it all. Dotwork tattoo designs are generally made by many, many dots. Firstly, a thin outline is drawn and later it is covered and filled with dots. Dotwork tattoo designs can be used to make geometrical images or most figures. This designing pattern is considered to be the most complicated as everything depends on how to the dots separate and distinct so that the picture may be presented in the best way.    

  • Geometric Tattoos Designs

Interesting and artistic designs are very popular these days. Easily done, yet gives a very vibrant result. It can be done in a minimalistic style or can be applied with shading. The geometric designs are drawn with exact line work that makes the tattoo design more appealing.

  • Scripted Tattoo Designs

This is an all time favorite tattoo design. People choose letters, words or sentences to describe what is personal to them. Choices can be selected from already thought of designs or by simply visiting your tattoo artist and sharing your thoughts with them so that they can help you create the best design and message for you.  

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