What Does Your Tattoo Say?

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Choosing a tattoo that has personal meaning and looks great on you should be thought through carefully because they don't vanish. Tattooing is when you are encrypting something permanent, removal is an arduous, lengthy, expensive and rather unpleasant experience. 'Think before you ink' is my mantra. Be selective and if you are going for a tribal or symbol tat, learn what the meaning is, as they each carry their own background. https://dragontattooequipment.com/

Here is a bit of info on acquainting yourself with the inner meaning of a few tattoos. The following are a bit common and their meanings are;

  • Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly tattoo is all about change. Though a vast category of butterfly tattoos are available, the general butterfly tattoo translation is transformation. It has inherited this meaning from the fact that caterpillar transforms to butterfly through metamorphosis. By having a butterfly tattoo on your body, you are symbolizing rebirth, transformation, love, natural elements, grace, spirituality and femininity. 

  • Semi-colon Tattoo

You must have used semi-colons many times in your writing. It is all about a pause but not the end. So then, a semi-colon on your body also means the same; it’s about taking a break and your wish to continue.

  • ‘Ohm’ Tattoos

‘Ohm’ is believed to be a spiritual word that represents four states of the mind – waking, dreaming, sleeping and illusion. ‘Ohm’ is also believed to generate positive vibes in the body.

  • Anchor Tattoo

Anchor tattoos have been popular for many years. They do not represent an age nor a persons belief, it represents stability and strength that will hold you during your toughest times. 

  • Moon and Planet Tattoo

The moon and the planet tattoos are applied more on the arms and the feet but no need to limit yourself to those areas. This tattoo reveals the love of people and our Milky Way Galaxy. Both minimalistic and elaborate are great looking!

  • Dragonfly Tattoo

A dragonfly can live both in the air and on water. This tattoo represents change, positivity and freedom. It also symbolizes bravery, joy and strength.

  • Hummingbird Tattoo

This tattoo has a wider range of meanings from where you can choose your own reason/definition. It represents joy, life, love and freedom. The hummingbird tattoo can also be used to symbolize crossing all the difficulties and living life to fullest.

  • Malin Tattoo

Originated from Sweden, this tattoo symbolizes moving on after having had setbacks. It’s all about overcoming the experience and carrying on. 

  • Inguz Tattoo

Inguz is a Greek or Viking, (dependent upon which article, same meaning...tomato, tomato), symbol that means having desire to continue learning and implementing ideas. It is the representation of the proverb; “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. There are also more elaborate designs for this that are great looking.

So many different tattoos to choose from with each having their own meaning. Pretty exciting but it can be a bit difficult to narrow down your choices...or is it? Get them all, but then again, I'm a Gemini ~ ;)

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