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There are an endless number of Tattoo creations you can either have copied or have designed for you, or design yourself for that matter. Know that trends are just that. Better to ask yourself.... what is it I really want?

While trend is fun, in tattoo world, they are not temporary and this should absolutely be taken into consideration. It's not a great idea to make a rushed decision when considering your tat, but something that you have mulled over for some time and your lifestyle. It also makes sense that your tattoo reflect something that has meaning to you. Trending tattoos are fun to see, but that does not mean it's the right art for you, however, maybe you could incorporate some trend into the tattoo you have carefully considered.

Tattoos affect you mentally and socially. CAREFULLY choose what you want and learn if there may be a meaning behind it. If you are not a Gangbanger, you probably don't want something that looks like theirs. I could go on, but, you get my drift. 

As for trends...Maori designs and color tattoos are popular; for now. Regardless your choice, make certain you understand the meaning before deciding to wear it throughout your lifespan. 

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are not about random signs and lines. Every tribal tattoo has its own unique and impressive meaning. Each line and sign in a tribal tattoo has its own definition of translation, similar to a language. 

Popular tribal tattoos are Polynesian tattoos such as Maori, Samoan, Asian. Glancing at these tribal tattoos they may look identical, but, they are very different and definitely have different meanings. Some mean strength, others mean protection, anyhow, point being, don't randomly pick something that you do not know or understand the meaning attached to it. 

Geometric Tattoos

Geometric and linework tattoos are the latest styles in tattoo world. Basically they are substituting other popular styles. With geometric and linework style, anywhere from animal tattoos to zodiac signs, they are making their impact in tattoo art. The idea with this style is combining fine geometric lines with other details, or maybe just a geometric figure. Again, each figure carries a meaning of a particular symbol regardless if you are wanting a triangle, circle, etc. Other twists on this could be adding color, dot work, 3D, the only limitations are your imagination.

Blackwork Tattoos

Blackwork tattoos are possibly the boldest tattoo style in 2017 that are mind blowing. Personally, I love that it reminds me of 'negative' painting, laying color down and then pulling it off to reveal what is underneath, in this case, skin. The idea of a tattoo is to cover a large area with a completely filled black tattoo. Blackwork tattoos are sometimes combined with geometric and linework styles, however, I've seen some amazing blackwork with flowers, portraits, touches of color added. Basically the sky is the limit!

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