Spaded and Jaded’s Tattoo Marathon

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Have you heard of a tattoo marathon? It’s quite surprising, right? We have generally heard of a walking marathon or a running marathon arranged to promote any cause. Generally, it is seen when celebrities, business professionals along with the common man take part. In a routine marathon of running or walking, it finishes after you have crossed a certain marked end. With a tattoo marathon, we are not talking about a typical marathon. We will be talking about the marathon that was arranged for cancer research, please read to the end ~

A Tulsa tattoo parlor in Oklahoma organized a 24 hour tattoo marathon on the 12th of May 2017 - the 13th of May 2017. Beginning at noon and ending at noon. When asked about the tattoo marathon, the parlor stated that this tattoo marathon is  organized to fund the research of cancer and is called 'Cancer Sucks'. This tattoo marathon was organized by 'Spaded and Jaded'. Popular tattoo artists from all over the nation came there to take part in this project. 

Cancer is treated as one of the most severe diseases in the world that affects most all of us in some way...a family member, a friend, a coworker, a neighbor and the list goes on and on. The research of cancer requires a lot of money as does the treatment in battling this very horrible illness. Generally, a lot of funding is needed in effort to support progress in this field. 'Shaded and Jaded' donated 100% of the proceeds to cancer research. I think they are pretty much Rock Stars for doing this!

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A patient who suffers from cancer and goes through Chemotherapy can undergo Oncology esthetic tattoo treatment. Most often, this is done one week before treatment begins or with a physicians approval, can be done during treatment usually on an off week from treatment. These patients may choose this as one of the measures to hide hair loss, usually the eyebrow area. If surgery is required for breasts, they are doing amazing 3D tattoos for the nipple and areola areas. It is a wonderful practice to have for your clients and worth the education on procedure if you are not already doing this. 


 Spaded and Jaded charged $50 for each tattoo and the customers had a variety of designs to choose from. The amount donated was projected to be in the thousands! Kudos to you 'Shaded and Jaded'! 

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