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Weary of applying different makeup products each and every day? Makeup looks beautiful if done with perfectly. Applying makeup requires a lot of time to do properly and is not practical for one to have a Make-up Artist each day to help. Tattooing is a way to look flawless without spending a lot of time, money and effort.

The new revolution in the beauty industry is permanent cosmetics/cosmetic tattooing. As a fast growing sector, it can be a very profitable means of profit and making the world a more beautiful place!

Repeating the phrase “No One Is Perfect” wouldn’t be untrue until now with more advanced techniques in Cosmetic tattooing. It is making everyone perfect through its unique techniques and tools used. Cosmetic tattooing can solve problems like partial, thin or no eyebrows, improper lip lining, scar masking or permanent eyeliner. This treatment has also brought valuable changes in case of breast reconstruction. It helps in creating an artificial nipple appearance so that a person can regain their confidence. Permanent tattooing or cosmetic tattooing can be termed as cosmetic techniques that can either hide or enhance what is a concern to your client. Cosmetic tattooing is proven to be a very important tool for those who are or have been suffering from alopecia, a genetic disorder, persons with vitligo or for a patient who has gone through chemotherapy.

Machinery or methods used for cosmetic tattooing:

  • Traditional Coil Machine – This machinery was used a long time ago and still some artists prefer to use this machinery. 
  •  The Rotary Machine – This machine consists of the rotary motors that help in moving the ink needle.
  •  Hand Method – Tattoos are done manually with no motorized or battery operated instruments. It is hand done with a special tattooing pen. The cosmetic tattoo artist often does not prefer using the electric or motor tools for such detail work.

Techniques used for cosmetic tattooing are:

  • Powder Filled
  • Soft Hair Stroke
  • Soft Fill
  • Soft Shading
  • Full Hair Stroke
  • Feathering
  • 3D Eyebrow
  • Soft Tap

Materials required for cosmetic tattooing are:

  • Antibacterial tattoo anesthetic soap
  • Cup holder
  • Colored inks
  • Ink caps
  • 4oz Bottles
  • Flash sheets
  • Thermal copier
  • Tattoo pen for permanent eyebrow
  • 3D Tattoo Pen Kit
  • Pigment Ink Color
  • Numbing Cream
  • Reusable stencil

Furniture needed for making a perfect tattooing are:

  • Rolling chair
  • Tattoo table for holding all the tools and equipment
  • Chairs for customers
  • Good lighting
  • Towels

Though these are some of the basic items needed for cosmetic tattooing, there are some measures that you should consider before practicing permanent cosmetic tattooing. Perform a patch test to ensure no allergic reaction to the pigment that is to be used. Next, suggest the makeup artist's choice of color for the tattooing. Confirm with your client before application. Generally, permanent color is better noticed after 3 weeks of tattooing. There may be a little swelling on the applied surface, you can cold compress the area and also take an antibiotic ointment on the tattooed area immediately following the service up to 10 days. In extreme cases of a problem, please refer your client to a physician.

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