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Do you already have a tattoo? Which style have you chosen - Traditional, Realism, Watercolor, Tribal, Nu Skool, Neo-Traditional, Japanese, Dotwork, Geometric or Scripted? These are the 10 popular tattoo styles that rule the world of tattoos and now Cosmetic Tattooing is gaining stride. Today in this article we will be not discussing the different styles of the tattoos but will try to put some light on the history of tattooing.

The art of the tattoo is not just a design made on your body to make you feel not only proud but in many cases there is more significance. There are certain tattoos that relay some message. Some have spiritual value or even tell stories. To some extent, tattoos become the identity of the person. https://dragontattooequipment.com/

So, what is a tattoo and from where did it come? A tattoo can be termed as body art done by inserting dyes, pigments and ink into the skin’s dermis layer. A tattoo can be permanent or temporary. Through the advancement of technology, it is now possible to remove the permanent tattoo. Traces of tattoo have been found in the Neolithic ages but the naming was assumed to be interpreted in the 18th century from the word ‘tatau’ which was a Polynesian word with the explanation “to write”. Before the naming was introduced, the tattoo was generally termed as painting or staining. Evidence of the tattoo in ancient times were discovered in the skin of preserved mummies, records and in the art of the ancient times. The tattoo tools found around in the archeological digs reveals that tattooing was a common practice in the period of Upper Paleolithic in Europe.   


According to historians, the earliest traces of tattoos were found in Egypt. There are many resemblances of the same in the great pyramid constructions and on the bodies of the mummies. The art of tattooing expands to the rest of the world through the expansion of the Egyptian empire. Traveling around the world, tattooing finally got into China in the 2000 B.C. At this time tattoos varied from place to place and from culture to culture. Tattoos are common among the tribes. They perform this piece of art to show their spiritual powers, their current status, achievements or some medicinal purpose. Tribal tattoos are mainly black colored symmetry or geometrical designs. 

Tattoos were considered to be important for the Greek spies in order to show their rank and organization whereas tattoos were used in ceremonies in Britain. Tattoos were used differently in Japan. It was used to mark the criminals where the first offense was by marking them with a line, second with an arch and third with a line on the forehead. Tattooing was reintroduced in Europe in the 1700s by a sailor named Captain Cook. Through his exhibition of the Omai, tattooed Polynesian, the art became famous in London. 


Today tattooing is much more popular worldwide. New techniques and designs have marked the art in the ‘fine art’ category.    

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