Helix Tattooing – The Perfect Ear Jewelry

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A small tattoo on the ear – sound interesting? Indeed and also very good looking! Piercing the ears is still very common. Some have one whereas some go for multiple piercings. If we look back historically, the facts are clear that both piercing and tattooing were common in Egypt during 4000 – 2000 B.C. Evidence of such have been found in the preserved mummies. Tattooing can be considered one of the most popular types of art done all over the world.

The hummingbird tattoo, butterfly tattoo, an anchor, a small semicolon tattoo or a dolphin tattoo are some of the more popular that seem to rule the tattoo market. With the Helix tattoo, you can now introduce more artistic fun and flair! In the tattooing market, a small tattoo on the ear is something that is quite catching and becoming very popular.

Helix tattoos are tastefully designed and more intricate artwork that are made on, in or around the ear and tend to be more sophisticated like wearing your favorite jewelry.   

Generally, the Helix worn by women, lean toward the more colorful designs whereas men try out black tattoo designs. These tattoo designs are giving your ear a worldly and fabulous look to be noticed by all. Most often, Helix designs are of flowers or any geometric pattern. Some are also writing letters of preference or musical notes in or on their ear. Invest a little thought and time in making these artful decisions and keep in mind, that if you have lost the match to your earring you can now wear that loner again ;) 

Tattoo artists understand the growing popularity of Helix designs and now they have started experimenting with new designs for and around the ear area. Many may consider a simple Helix tattoo design, while others may love to have a design that starts from their outer ear and finishes down their neck...there are no rules or limits, only your own.

Helix tattoo designs are being reestablished and regaining its popularity today. Many are interpreting it as jewelry that is adding a unique accent to their look. We encourage your input for design to make it more personal. Enjoy and have fun ~

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