Are You Planning for a Tattoo Removal?

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Would you enjoy eating the same food day after day? Would you like to wear the same clothes day after day? No, I didn’t think so. Tattooing is an art made in the dermis layer of the skin and with the change of age, your tastes or for whatever reason, your interest to wear the art throughout life may have become less desirable.

Tattoos are categorized as temporary and permanent tattoos. One that can be removed is called the temporary tattoo whereas one that couldn’t be removed is called the permanent tattoo. The sentence with the permanent tattoo was true in the earlier times. Once the tattoo was made, it had to be carried out for the rest of the life. There were no means in which the tattoo could be removed. So, if someone wished to change their tattoo design, there was no scope or compromising for that  until more recently. In the past, people used to think much more before making a design and often there were some who didn’t tattoo due to the problem faced with removal. Limited to covering the unwanted tattoo, the options were camouflaging with heavy make-up or wearing more clothing if possible.

As time advanced, so did technology. Now, there are provisions so that we can make other choices throughout. Once the tattoo is done, it can be removed. Before you go on with a tattoo removal process you need to know that the process is expensive and not easy. In many cases, the past removal process has not gone through with perfect success. One reason was inadequate knowledge. 

Not all that long ago the starting of the tattoo removal process was using a wire on the tattooed skin to remove the tattoo. The brush was used for sanding over the skin and in this process the first layer and the second layer of the skin gets destroyed. The process was completed by applying acid or salt solution to the area which burns the specific area of the skin. People going through this process go through a lot of pain and the result was not 100% accurate. As if this was not enough injury, here comes the insult to go with it...leaving those people with skin rashes and infection. The resulted skin thus did not retain its normal skin color.

The latest treatment done for removing the traces of tattoo is the laser treatment technique. In this process, the tattoo is removed with the help of the laser rays. The laser rays are passed through the ink particles thus breaking them but you need to be very clear that the laser treatment process needs a number of sessions. The result obtained through this process depends largely on the location of the tattoo, the color of the skin and the tattoo. Sadly, as with many other laser procedures, the laser removal can potentially leave some with hypo or hyper pigmentation and if you develop keloids, there is a possibility for this too. For skins with darker melanin, please talk this over carefully with the person administering the laser process as not all lasers are created equally. Fortunately, now there are other wavelength options which are helpful.

Before going through any treatment, consult with your doctor as they can suggest to you the best choice for you in removing your tattoo.    



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