Becoming a Tattoo Artist, (Freelance Contractor)

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When it comes to tattooing, you might think it’s all about the art but there are quite a few steps that need to be taken first. If you’re not too keen on the daily grind of a 9-to-5 job, becoming a tattoo artist can be a satisfying, lucrative and energizing job choice.

The demand for tattoo artists is higher than ever because more and more people are choosing tattooing for their professional careers. Tattooing has become more widely accepted today than it was several decades ago. So if you’re choice is final, the timing is in your favor as well.

Even if you’re super talented, you’re not going to become famous with a bunch of unhappy customers who have infected tattoos. The first lesson is to learn and practice proper sterilization tattoo techniques. You must master the sterilization techniques until they become second nature to you.

Forget About the Get Rich Quick Career

Many artists make big bucks doing what they do, charging anywhere between $300 and $600 per hour. But you see an estimated 20,000 + shops strewn about the United States. Some shops are even in the same neighborhood, all trying to prove to their clients that they are the best choice for your permanent body art.

The truth is that you need to be a tattoo shop owner, which takes many years of experience and you have to be exceptional at your art to earn that kind of money. It will take a long time to get to this level. The first few years will be a financial struggle as you solidify yourself and make yourself known and available to clients.

Self Employed

Tattoo artists are considered self-employed or independent contractors. Regardless of if you do or do not work for someone else, you will be responsible for budgeting the money for your own taxes each year as well. This includes the half of your social security that your employer would normally pay.

Self-employed also mean that there is no hourly wage. Most artists get paid on commission or a percentage of whatever the tattoo artist charges for the tattoo is given to the business where they work. A standard rate is that the artist gets to keep about 50%, but it varies depending on the shop.

Hard Work is Vital

When it comes to tattooing, you are in charge of your own future and your own success. The only thing holding you back is you, but it’s also a lot of pressure on yourself to always be improving. You really have to have a passion for tattooing in order to succeed. You’ll constantly be working to improve your skill and you won’t always get to tattoo what you want. Just like any other profession, there will be great days, and there will be some not so great days. Ultimately, you decide.

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