Is a Tattoo Artist Required to be Certified?

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Many tattoo beginners want to know if you need a tattoo certification to consider yourself as a professional tattoo artist. It all depends on the state law. It is very possible that you wouldn’t need a certification to tattoo.

That is the case in most states. It is only required for the studio to have certification, not the artists that work there. The truth is there is no formal training for learning how to tattoo that is regulated by the government. That is the reason why most of the states cannot require that anyone provide proof of training. Some states do require that the artists at least be certified in blood borne pathogens.

It is highly recommended for individual to have some proper training before going into the business of tattooing. We highly advice you to check with your state's Department of Health, before paying for any class, whether it is online or at a physical establishment.

In order to be state certified as a tattoo artist, some states require additional certification within the health field as well. You will need to achieve a 75 percent or better score in a number of required tests. You will also have to learn a particular code of ethics designed for body artists.

You'll be required to study skin anatomy and physiology. You need to know the procedures for studios, tattoos, blood-borne pathogens, OSHA standards and guidelines issued by the Food and Drug Administration.

Some courses along the road to state certification include the application or administering of permanent makeup too. This expands the services an artist or shop can provide, but you need the steady and skillful hand of an experienced tattoo artist at first to mentor you.

If you really want to succeed as a tattoo artist, you need to train properly. The best way to train and improve your skills is done through an apprenticeship. It would be easier to find an apprenticeship if you know some people in the business. Few artists are willing to accept a beginner without any experience at all as it is time consuming and expensive.

Not to be discouraging at all. You need to be the best judge of yourself. Is your ability to draw a nice talent that you have? Can you physically with stand the hours of tedious work in awkward positions? How are you with people? Are you patient? Are you persistent? Are you willing to always keep on top of new trends and studying them? Equipment, inks, machines, etc. There are many considerations you need to think of and be honest with yourself. You will not immediately be rewarded monetarily. Just a heads up.

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