What does it take to become a tattoo artist

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Learning to be a tattoo artist can be difficult especially when you need experience, time, motivation and commitment, most tattoo shops will hire apprenticeships where as others but without those you won’t be able to learn to be a tattoo artist even though learning to be a tattoo artist is all you want at the time. If you’re considering to be a tattoo artist you should try and because clued up with different techniques and the whole tattoo equipment’s, it’s all part of learning to be a tattoo artist.


Tattoo apprenticeships isn’t all as easy as it seems, you need pure motivation, time, commitment and patience because you have to remember you’re getting paid hardly nothing for all your hard work and the time it takes to learn, you have to start thinking is it worth it? You can’t just bail out on a client 2 days before he is due to be inked; therefore commitment is needed more than anything.

Tattoo certification:

Depending on where you live you may or may not need a tattooing license or a certification in that matter. It's true that in most states, it is only required for the studio to have certification and not all the employees too, because there is no formal training to learn how to tattoo therefore it’s hard to provide proof that they’re more than capable of tattooing.

Realistically it’s up to the buy not to buy a tattoo from someone who doesn’t own a tattoo certification proving they’re worthy of tattooing them with quality and something worth doing instead of something that’s going to cause problems and come out looking bad.

Become a tattoo artist:

In order to become a tattoo artist you need to be able to draw high quality drawings at a very good standard, because nobody wants just any old tattoo design. When you want to become a tattoo artist you have to think about everything, profits, equipment, techniques and even planning a schedule for your clients.

It’s not something everyone can do and this is why it takes hard work and determination, if you aren’t committed to succeed you simply aren’t going to succeed. In order to become a tattoo artist you will need to find time, buy equipment, research and thrive to learn new things such as techniques every day, because some techniques take forever to perfect. It’s really down to your customer if he wants something different, simple and easy a new designer should be able to take care of his design but all of this knowledge will become “known” when you become a tattoo artist.


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