Basic things needed to become a tattoo artist

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How do you become a tattoo artist? You’ll need to be able to draw high quality drawings at a very high standard, because nobody wants something simple and worthless. The whole process of how do you become a tattoo artist is harder than it seems because in the process you have to think of things such as you haveprofits, equipment, techniques and even planning a schedule for your clients.


It’s not something everyone can do and this is why it takes hard work and determination, if you aren’t committed to succeed you simply aren’t going to succeed. When it comes to knowing how to become a tattoo artist you need to find time, buy equipment, research and thrive to learn new things such as techniques every day, because some techniques take forever to perfect and you should only complete work you know you can do.

Tattoo machines:

Rotary tattoo machines have various big brands such as Stigma, Dragonfly and Swashdrive, all of which are used by professional artists/tattooists.The rotary tattoo machines are known to use an electric motor to help drive the needle up and down where as the coiled tattoo machines use magnetism. The rotary tattoo machines are normally half the weight of most coiled tattoo machines, making them easier to handle.

Coiled tattoo machines are the most common and traditional choice for many tattoo artists due to their unique characters. The Coiled Tattoo machine is able to be adjusted to your needs and has the familiar buzzing sound that so many love.

Unlike the rotary tattoo machines which, are electric the coiled tattoo machines use an electromagnetic circuit which helps move the needle up and down, allowing them to penetrate the skin.

Step by step how to tattoo:

The step by step how to tattoo for is something a tattoo lover will Google eventually, they see the money these big professional companies make and think big and bad with their goals although it doesn’t always pay off. The step by step how to tattoo for beginners is something you have to read thoroughly and be prepared to take action, by action I mean gain some real life experience via an apprenticeship at the local tattoo shop and then gain your whole “how to tattoo for beginners step by step” in experience.

Step by step how to tattoo gives no indication at all because there is a variety of artists with different aspects of art, which tattoo different pieces of art. This is because there is no step by step how to tattoo it’s exactly what feels right and how well you become at doing it, the more practice you receive the better.


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