Some facts about Tattoo inks

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Tattoo inks are made up of pigments that are combined with a carrier; these inks are permanent and can’t be removed without surgery. Knowing that tattoo ink is permanent, people still decide to go and get a low quality tattoo from someone down the local backstreet for a few bucks, without realizing the potential dangers.

Tattoo inks are available in a wide-range of colours and can be mixed together or thinned out to produce several differences. Mixing the colours together will simply produce other colours; giving you the chance to save money on other inks and keeping it professionally simple where was thinned out inks are used to shade in areas.A professional will not simply use anything, in fact most professional tattoo artists purchase ink that is pre-made, which is also known as pre-dispersed instead of the usually tattoo inks that you would purchase and other tattooists would rather mix their own tattoo inks together using a dry pigment and a carrier.


Are tattoo inks really permanent?

As I mentioned before tattoo ink is permanent but unconfirmed claims have risen up before claiming that most tattoo inks fade over time, which would create a “semi-permanent tattoo”, even if this was true it doesn’t take away the fact that tattoos are permanent. It’s possible to get removed with surgery also known as laser tattoo surgery. The process of removing tattoo ink is not simple; it’s more difficult than you think. Recently created tattoo inks claim to be easier to remove than ones created years ago although it still creates a difficult removal process.

Removable tattoo inks are coming a lot more popular now and is in some kind of slow-development process. While the normal tattoo inks aren’t removable, resulting in you having a permanent tattoo, newly introduced ink has been developed to make the removal of tattoos easier via laser treatment.

Glow in the dark and blacklight tattoo inks?

There are much more sophisticated tattoo inks than you think, believing it or not there are glow in the dark and blacklight inks. Both glow in the dark and blacklight inks have been used before but are not as popular as the normal colour co-ordinations. Glow in the dark ink absorbs the and retains the light and does pretty much what it’s described as “glows in the dark” where as the blacklight doesn’t appear to glow in the dark but does in fact react to non-visible UV light, which produces a visibly glow by fluorescence. We all know how people love this kind of stuff but the debate on the safety of the tattoo inks is still yet to be decided.

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