Thoughts on Training for Tattoo Artistry

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Tattoo training can be hard to come by and it’s not easy to find someone who will give you the chance to train, therefore it’s important to get the right kind of tattoo training. There are more ways to learn how to tattoo and define it has “tattoo training”, such as asking for an apprenticeship or practice by drawing and then as you gradually feel comfortable drawing technical drawings go ahead and apply for tattoo training apprenticeships at your local tattoo shop. Tattoo training takes patience, dedication, commitment and most of all, time. You have to be ready for all kinds of design ideas and customers, not every customer is easy going and friendly therefore tattoo training can be a difficult process and if you aren’t dedicated and determined you aren’t going to make it. You have to have a passion for art and a desire to succeed.


Becoming a tattoo artist:

Becoming a tattoo artist is much more difficult than it looks. When comparing a beginner to an experienced professional, a professional has taken years to perfect there techniques, if you ask some artists they will say it has taken over 10 years or more to be where they are today. Some artists can charge $100 an hour. This does not mean that you can start charging this amount as a beginner, but with time, perfecting your technique, staying on top of trend, your well earned reputation and word of mouth you will get there.

Learning the art of tattoo: 

There is quite a lot of information that must be studied and practice to be done in order for advancement. For instance, you will need to consider the proper way to clean and the use of the equipment. That is just the very beginning. You absolutely need to know what exactly is to be done with the needles, bloody towels, sterilization, proper discard of these items. Then there is the artwork. Your transfer of stencils, making your own creations. Your customer's comfort while you have the proper, clean table for them to relax on while you work on them? Is your seat one that you can use comfortably hour after hour? Learning the art of tattooing, you have to know the ins and out of all aspects of your business. Equipment for example, if you want to do some shading on a tattoo you’re going to need to know what tattoo machine you have that’s best for shading. Needles are crucial for your application and the list goes on. 

Learning the art of tattoo is never ending as there is always new equipment, new designs, new trend and cosmetic tattooing is getting better and better all of the time. 


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