The basics of becoming a tattoo artist

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How to tattoo basics:

There are more than just one or two things to learning how to tattoo basics, you need to know how to draw and know how to manage your tattoo equipment, this means knowing how to use the tools you have and how to clean them appropriately. It’s advised that before you go ahead and rush into buying tattoo kits that you learn how to tattoo basics by going about it properly and applying for tattoo apprenticeships or a college course if there’s one available. Before you’re going to want to go ahead and learn how to tattoo basics you will need to know how to draw, have a desire to succeed in the business and be passionate about art.


Most people join the tattoo world for the wrong reasons such as the amount of money per hour, but only those whose interests are much deeper than just the dollar signs go much further. There are many things to consider when trying to become a tattoo artist, such as the time involved, effort, passion, motivation, dedication and the willingness to succeed, it’s not something anyone can learn and become the best at.

Tattoo training:

Tattoo training is difficult to come by as there isn’t many shops or studios that are willing to take the chance on someone with no experience, this is because they’re liable for anything that happens and you have to think about it from there point of view too; if anything was to happen, who are they going to sue, you or the studio? Yes, the studio. I wouldn’t want someone without any knowledge poking me with ink and needles, just because they want to learn and I’m sure you don’t either. You don’t even know if they can draw never mind risk them to put something permanent on your skin, you must be crazy.

While tattoo training is probably one of the hardest things you can train for, therefore some studios and shops will make it easier for you by allowing you to become an apprentice, usually they are free but you may be asked for an up-front fee before starting to learn, this is depending on the studio. The whole tattoo apprenticeship for tattoo training is much more ideal for learning because you get to get first hand experience and knowledge while training for something you’re feeling passionate about, so while you’re there working and learning you’re getting paid too. It’s always a bonus when you get paid to do what you love, but the motivation should be aimed at something else and not solely on the money.

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