Seeking a Tattoo Mentor

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It's not difficult to discover a tattoo artist, however, you need to find an accomplished, quality level tattoo artist. Ask to see their work, (portfolio), for instance. Stay aware for reputable tattoo professionals for your tattooing apprenticeship. When seeking a discovery interview, the experienced tattoo artist holds the upper hand; you are trying to learn about the business. Have a few prepared questions to show that you respect their time. Typically, most people don't mind helping others when they're asked, but don't disrupt them while they are with a client unless you are invited to do so.

An accomplished tattoo artist that you need to look for as a beginner, is the person who has no less than five years of tattooing knowledge. Begin with discovering a tattoo craftsman in your general area. You may offer to do some menial tasks to start; point being, you are trying to get an approval to continue with a tattoo apprenticeship there. A tattoo expert may not allow or want you to visit their shop for a couple of weeks or months only for you to observe what the entire operation looks like, you need their permission. Know some basic fundamentals beforehand. It shows initiative and that you aren't entirely leaning on a mentor for all of your education, it also shows that you will be asking intelligent questions that pertain to the business. Taking on a tattoo apprentice is typically, for a business owner, quite time consuming and expensive. There is no set amount of time that you will need to spend with your mentor, however, don't jump the gun. You want to be fully armed with information, how the practice operates and finessing your art. Your goal on down the road may to one day have a shop of your own and most likely, you will experience similar situations. 

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