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Many young people are going after career as a tattoo artist. The high income and popularity of tattoos sounds attractive for the young generation. But don’t believe everything you see on television show. TV shows about tattooing only show the glamorous part of the profession and not all tattoo artists are rich and famous. But if you’re only interested in the glamour of tattooing, think twice about entering the field. In order to succeed you need to have a passion towards the art of tattooing. Hard work and dedication are also vital for a person to really make it as a successful tattoo artist.
Lots of popular artists are making a huge profit, some have such a dedicated clientele and reputation that they have to put people on a waiting list of weeks and even months. Tattooing is a huge business and big money is out there. But the reality is that that’s just a tiny part of the whole picture.


Dealing with people will be your everyday job and you have to be good at it. The truth is, half the job is interacting with clients. In order to customize tattoo designs based on his or her preferences, you will have to listen carefully to the customer. Developing strong customer relations skills can help you in many ways. Many clients may be nervous or anxious about getting a tattoo and your interactive skills could put them at ease.
Artistic talent is one of the most important skills that you need to develop. Formal training isn't necessary, but certificate and degree programs in the fine and visual arts can help you to refine your skills. You can also benefit from learning multiple artistic styles. Tattoo artists must be able to design a variety of tattoos, and due to the nature of the work, you should be extremely detail-oriented as well.

You will need to carry along a portfolio, to show a prospective mentor your artistic abilities and skills. Your portfolio can include drawings or paintings, but can also be pictures of wall murals, sculptures, or anything similar. Add your certification (if you have any) to your portfolio as well. Certification is not absolutely necessary. The bottom line is if you have enough raw talent, your mentor will help you to hone these skills.

Many tattoo artists look for someone with a lot of enthusiasm and a real love for the art. You're sure to leave empty handed, if you make the mistake by walk in with the attitude that they owe you something. Knowing something about the business is also a big plus.

Few and far between tattoo artist will be willing to offer you free apprenticeships. That’s why you need to be aware from artists that are more interested in your money than providing you with an education. Try to find the middle between these two. Price you can afford and make it worth the artist time for training you. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you happen upon an artist that offers apprenticeship at no cost. But that is not the end of your hard work, you will have to work very hard and be as dedicated to your training as the artist you’re working with.

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