Working with a Tattoo Artist to Create Your First Design

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Once you have discovered a few tattoo artists whose work you admire, take a look at their portfolios. Many portfolios are accessible on the web. If the artist that you are considering for ink, look to see if they have published their portfolio online then visit the shop where they work or vice verse. Portfolios are intended to showcase an artist's best work. Examine the lines on the tattoos in the portfolio to verify they are straight and smooth. Colors ought to be strong and filled in completely.

After you have seen a few portfolios, visit the shop where the artist meets your expectations. When getting a tattoo, you are exposed to blood borne pathogens and disease. Verify the shop is sparkling clean. Artists ought to wear latex gloves. Instruments always need to be sterilized in an autoclave. Waste ought to be discarded by safely, securely and by law. Tattoos should be gauzed with hospital grade materials not plastic wrap.

Working with a Tattoo Artist to Create Your Design:

Begin by taking as much time as you need in choosing what your first tattoo will mean to you and why because it will be with you for a looooooong time! Consider where you would like the tattoo to be placed and talk this over with your Tattooist. They can tell you, because they know from experience and study, if that area would be perfect for that tattoo. A long more narrow tattoo, such as a Pinup girl would be best on your arm or leg, whereas a birds wingspan would be better placed across your chest or back. Don't go to this appointment without some preparation. Accumulate pictures, outlines and whatever other materials the tattoo artist can look over with you. Visit some tattoo shops for ideas, look at Pinterest, Tattoo magazines, there is a wealth of information to gather and photos for ideas. Make a rough draft of your own to take to the tattooist including the colors if any, that you are thinking of. The more you can bring to the shop, the more likely the artist is to provide the tattoo you want.

After having done some work, the more information you give to the artist to make a studied and well thought out draft for you to see, the better. More often than not, the artist will plan a second meeting with you for examining the sketches they have made. If adjustments are needed, request them, this is what a follow up appointment is for. Make certain to ask the artist how much the outline will cost so that you will have no surprises. Remember that it is standard to tip a tattoo artist. It is customary to tip 18 - 20% for configuration and application on top of the cost.

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