How to Tattoo Basics

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The art of tattoo is not a new fad from the 20th century. Tattoos have been around a lot longer than any of our cherished technological advancements. Along with ancient cultures in China, Japan, and South American, the Egyptians were practicing it ages ago.

People have different reasons to get a tattoo on their body. For some, it is pure adornment; for others, a permanent tattoo represents a cherished concept. Either way, a tattoo artist has to be ready to deliver according to the customers wish. Today we’re going to discuss the basics of tattooing.

Are Tattoos Safe?

Yes tattoos are safe. Tattooing inherently holds no more risk than any comparable cosmetic treatment. But choosing a bad tattoo studio can cause serious damage, in the same way that one would choose to receive a surgery from a reputable doctor.

Does it hurt?

The first thing people ask before considering a tattoo is does it hurt. It hurts but the pain is relative.


Develop Your Skill and Style

It is recommended to give 100 free tattoos before you can become a money making artist. You will spend money for sure but your first clients can be your best referral sources. It is also good to let your friends and family know that you will be offering free tattoos as part of your promotion and training.

Take photos of every tattoo you ink, and always practice on different skin types, areas and skin colors of the body. You need to create a portfolio of these photos, because most clients will want to see a portfolio of your completed work.

Observe the techniques and styles of different tattoo artists. Try to learn which styles are the most popular at the moment. You can begin to hone your own style, once you feel you have reviewed a broad spectrum of styles. True tattoo artist is considered to be skilful when he has to show the world something new.

But the most important part is your dedication. Your money, time and practice will pay off if you stay fully dedicated.

Tattoo Equipment

The only way to learn to use a tattoo machine, tattoo needle, tattoo grips, tattoo color sets is by training. The tattoo machine is the device used to draw the tattoo on skin and this piece of equipment is actually easy to use. It requires a steady hand, so before using the tattoo machine on skin, you will practice using the gun on fruit or similar material.

There are two types of tattoo needle: round or flat. Flat needles are used for shading and round needles are used for outlining. Be sure to open the sterilized package in front of clients, when using a needle. Needles used for tattooing are made from varying materials.

Tattoo grips are attached to the tattoo machine and they come in different styles and materials. You need to experiment different style to find the one that fits your work.

Risks for You and Your Clients

You must learn how to protect both you and your clients from risks associated with tattooing. Contracting a blood borne pathogen is the biggest risk to self and others in tattooing. Cleaning your work area and hands in between tattoos is a must, and using sterile equipment, gloves and proper disposal methods will keep everyone safe.

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