Safety in Tattoo Machine Applications

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Tattoo machines or guns, as they are sometimes called, are used in order to create tattoos. They have been in use for years in order to create beautiful and intricate designs in the body. Today, they are used as common and safe practice in most Tattoo Parlors. The earliest usage of the Tattoo machine was when it was invented by Thomas Edison in the 1870s. However, it was not intended to be used as a Tattoo machine; rather as an engraving machine. It actually was another inventor in the 1890s that contemplated the use of this machine in order to introduce ink into the skin of people. The tattoo machine was born!

Since the time of its invention, there have been many modernizations made. Today, tattoo machines use electromagnets in order to control the process of creating tattoos. With this machine, the artist will be able to control the depth of the needle, speed and design. This is the most accurate ways a tattooist can apply a tattoo with precision.

By artists use of tattoo machines to create tattoos, they are minimizing the risk of skin infections partly due to the machine itself, then of course, state health regulations. Even today, after a lot of precautions, getting tattoos cannot be considered 100% safe. Some people may have reactions from product. It is good practice to ask your customer and potential client if they have any sensitivities or allergies that need addressed. If they do, it would be best to patch test them. It is also that as a Tattoo Artist that you are up to date with CPR, Health Regulations, handling of blood borne pathogens, sterile practices and basic hygiene. In fact, in many states this is all required and more.

A few tattoo artists pride themselves in making their own tattoo machines. It is advisable to not use those machines on the public. All machines manufactured need to be processed through the ranks and is another subject to be addressed later. 

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