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Are you considering yourself getting inked? For most people, getting a tattoo can raise a number of questions. How safe will it be when getting a tattoo? Is there any necessity to avoid a certain colour? This is why, it is very important for you to know the various kinds of tattoo ink, so that you can make a better decision. Having a substantial amount of knowledge on a subject can help you to take a better decision on the matter.

It is the job of the tattoo ink to help you to get the colour on the epidermis of the skin. With the help of the dermal needles, the ink is inserted into your skin. The ink is actually located within the machine of the tattoo artist. However, it is very interesting to note that the tattoo ink is not primarily ink, but rather pigments that are suspended within the carrier. As of such, you would find that there are two basic components within the tattoo ink; one is the pigment and the other is the carrier.

The pigment of the tattoo ink can be made from a variety of substances. It can be extracted from vegetable dyes, heavy metals, or minerals and plastics. On the other hand, the carriers happen to be liquids, and it is used, as the name suggests, to carry the pigment that is to be delivered under the skin. So, if the carrier of the tattoo ink is good, it will help in the colour getting spread evenly within the tattoo design. Most people have a problem of witnessing the tattoo ink getting clumped, which is basically due to a bad pigment carrier.

You should realise that tattoos, although permanent, is prone to fading away. It is mainly due to the fact that colours, located within the tattoo design, happens to be foreign elements within the skin, and is broken down by the immunity system of the human body. However, since the pigment particles are sufficiently large, they cannot be destroyed. Hence, getting a tattoo ink that has a very good pigment can help you in maintaining the longevity of the tattoo.
When you go to a tattoo parlour, it is always important for you to ask about the pigmentation of the tattoo ink. This will help you to remain knowledgeable about any chemicals that your skin may have any allergic reaction to.

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