Using a Rotary Tattoo Machine

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Coil machines are and have been the standard of the tattoo industry. Primarily due to the adjustable feature and perhaps the level of personalisation that is in the coil machines. The sound of the machine is often what people equate with tattoo shops, while the rotary machines are much more quiet and fluid in moving the needles. 

Another notable difference between rotary and coil machines is the weight of the electric motor that drives the needle in the rotary machine. It is much lighter than the traditional coil machines that feature electromagnetic circuit. What does this do? It makes sure that you can actually get a lot more work done in a single sitting, before your arm and hand become fatigued.

Rotaries are also more maintenance free. No need worrying about broken parts or elastic bands that can snap while working. All you need to do is concentrate on your work. 

Change can be a bit frightening, it also takes a bit of time to learn a new way of doing things. Although tattoo artists may still primarily opt for using a coil tattoo machine, it is smart to have a rotary tattoo machine in the shop. It is a great backup for your coil when something may have gone wrong. Becoming accustomed with the rotary, you may be surprised and wonder why the hesitation in using it. The rotary machines are reasonably priced, not as noisy, lighter in weight, more fluidity in needle movement, little to no maintenance. Those few features right there; why hesitation in giving it a try!?!

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