How to excel in the art of tattoo?

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When it comes to the art of tattooing, it is a difficult art to master. It requires dedication, perseverance, and above all, talent. If it is your goal to start the journey to become a tattoo artist, you would need to learn the art first. A lot of time and effort, and a burning desire to achieve your goal should be inherent in your body. This will be the stepping stone to your success.
History of tattoo: -
In ancient times, tattoo was a form of communicating to the people on your work, and the intent or your achievements that you have accomplished over time. Tribal tattoos were an indication on their rank and status in their society. However, we have since moved over from such times. Tattoos are now looked upon as a symbol of toughness, a symbol of connecting with your inner soul. Also, it is a good way for artists to make money as a profession. So there is a burgeoning market for tattoo artists, and the better you are, the more clients do you get.
There are some steps, or shall we say, a flowchart to your becoming a tattoo artist.
You need to first finish high school. This is a prime requirement and it is compulsory to complete the basic high school graduation to get the certifications necessary to become a tattoo artist.
You need to hone your artistic skills. Practise on a piece of paper, a drawing pad or anything that you can lay your hands on. By doing this in repetition, you can sharpen your drawing skills.
Pick up on the basics of tattoo drawing by watching Youtube videos, and watching good tattoo artists at work. If possible, get in touch with a tattoo artist and get an apprenticeship with that person.
Always be ready and willing to learn. You should be like a sponge, ready to soak in all the information that you can get from a place of work.
If you have a dearth of work, get busy. Mop the floors, understand the nuances of the trade, get to know how they go about drawing. If all work is done, and you are still free, take out a sketchbook and get sketching.
When you feel ready, feel free to apply for a tattoo certification. After you receive it, you are free to open up your own shop and start serving customers.

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