Quick Guide to Tattoo Ink Selection

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Getting a tattoo is an exciting prospect for many. Since this is likely to be a permanent feature on their body, it’s important that you, the professional artist, do as much as you can to ensure that it gets done correctly. In addition to helping your client to pick the right design, it’s also important that you choose the correct type of ink for the procedure. Some of the variables you can use to guide you in doing this include: 

Reputation of the manufacturer 

When making a decision on what type of tattoo ink to get, it’s important to consider the reputation of the ink manufacturer. High quality manufacturers will go to great lengths to make sure that their products are reliable and safe. Reading company reviews and learning a bit of background information are usually effective methods. 

Durability of the ink 

When you get a tattoo, the goal is that it lasts a lifetime. Unfortunately, there are some that don’t. Some tend to change in color and intensity much faster than they others, which leads to a loss of definition of the tattoo. Going through a few user reviews will helps identify the brands that are prone to this.

Skin tone and ink 

Skin tone will also determine the type of tattoo ink that should be used for the tattoo to be visible. People with light skin tend to have more flexibility in this regard. The most important thing to remember is that for tattoos on light and dark skin is that the tattoos should look alike in terms of brilliance. It may be necessary to use different types of ink due to the differences in skin tone. 

In summary, it’s important to always remember that the quality of any tattooing depends on more than just the skill of the tattooist. Quality and type of ink used should also be taken into consideration. Ideally, the ink chosen should be matched to the type of skin on which the tattoo will be placed. In a few cases, the type of tattoo to be done can also dictate the best type of ink that can be used on it. Only after all these factors are put together will the result be stunning.

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