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Tattoos are very popular these days as a means of self expression. It is this popularity that makes it a rich market for tattoo artists, but, how do you become a tattoo artist? The truth is although this is an artistic skill that does not require any formal qualifications; you do need to have some form of training in order to work professionally that are to meet license/certification requirements in most states.

Apprenticeships have been the most common way for new artists to learn the fundamentals of this trade, however, with increasing competition; most seasoned tattoo artists these days are very protective of their trade making it extremely difficult for new artists to find apprenticeship opportunities. Fortunately, as a new artist looking to pursue a career as a tattoo artist, you can now enroll for a tattoo training course and get the professional training you need.

The best thing about taking such a course over conventional apprenticeships is, as new artist, you get to learn and master the skills of the trade within a shorter time, and in a more relaxed environment. That and lots of free tattoos from fellow students.

All training is delivered by professional tattoo artists, who have the skills and years of tattooing experience. As a student, you get to learn how to assemble a tattoo machine on your own, how to set up and clean your tattoo work station. In addition, all the projects you do as a student immediately goes into your design portfolio.

The tattoo curriculum covers several areas. You first learn about the history of Tattoos and the traditions that surround it, also included in the curriculum are; Art Techniques, Sterilization, Operation techniques, after care, Machine operation, color mixing and theory, shading and outlining techniques. You are also trained on how to manage a tattoo business.

During your course, you get to practice your skills on willing models just like in an apprenticeship. You will receive a certificate and student transcripts upon completion of the course, not to mention access to plenty of state of the art tattoo equipment.

Although no academic degrees are required when enrolling for the tattooing course, you need to have basic drawing skills; after all it’s an art that involves a lot of drawing. You also need to be above 18 years of age. All students under the 18 year old age limit need to have permission from a parent or guardian.

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