A Quick Guide on How to Get a Tattoo License

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With the growing popularity of tattooing, choosing to become a professional tattoo artist is a wise decision especially if you like to draw. In order to get paid to implant pigments into people’s skin using a needle or other instruments, you need to have a tattoo license. Licensing requirements differ from one state to another, but there are some basic guidelines that can give you a good idea on what you need to do to become a licensed tattoo artist. 

How to get a tattoo license

The first step you should take in order to get a tattoo license is to research about the minimum requirements in your state. Most states only license tattoo artists who have attained the age of eighteen. Another requirement is that you should have a GED or high school diploma. Most states also require applicants to have first aid and CPR certificates and complete a certain amount of training during an apprenticeship or at a tattoo school. 

If you are interested in enrolling into a tattoo school, you should get information about several tattoo schools in your area. Find out about class size, opportunities for hands on training, completion time and licensing rates from each tattoo school. It is wise to enroll in a school that requires students to perform many tattoos successfully before they graduate. A good school will also have highly qualified faculty and a high graduation and licensing rate. After enrolling into a good tattoo school, make sure that you complete the required coursework.

If you prefer completing an apprenticeship instead of enrolling into a tattoo school, you should look for a good tattoo parlor in your area. Some of the factors you should consider as you look for a good tattoo parlor include the quality of work, cleanliness, artists and the clientele of the tattoo parlor. It is advisable to complete your apprenticeship at a tattoo parlor that is well established. Identify the tattoo artist you would like to be your mentor. 

After choosing a mentor, find out about the fees he or she will charge, the amount of time that the tattooist will devote to your instruction, the opportunities available for hands on training and the amount of time the apprenticeship will last. You should then complete the required work. 

After completing the necessary training, you should complete any additional state requirements such as taking a comprehensive examination before you apply for your tattoo license. To apply for this license, you need to submit an application form, a written verification of your training, documents that prove you have met additional state requirements and pay a licensing fee. Most states charge a few hundred dollars as licensing fees for first time license applicants. Your license application can either be accepted or denied. If it is accepted, you will receive your tattoo license documentation through your mail box. 

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