How to Become a Tattoo Artist

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If you want to learn to tattoo, well this article will help you get started. Who doesn't want to be a tattoo artist these days. Tattoo artists salaries increase each and every year. This is an excellent time to get into the field of tattooing. Many good artist these days are moving into the tattoo world, not only is the industry booming but its also a fun lifestyle. Tattoo artist's in 2014 can make upwards of 50-100k per year if they work hard.



To become a tattoo artist there are a few requirements you will need.

1. Its best to already know how to draw, this will make it much easier to adapt to tattooing. and you will be able to come up with art for clients which customers like, custom tattoos and custom work is always in great demand.

2. Prepare a portfolio or your art work, you will need to find a tattoo apprentice ship so its best to organize all of your artwork into a portfolio, this way you can show potential employers your artwork. this will greatly increase the chances of you getting an apprenticeship.

3. Bloodborne pathogens certification. This certification course can be taken locally or online, and will go over safely measures for tattooing, everything from keeping yourself safe to cross contamination and so on. this are is extremely important and is why its highly required.

4. CPR classes. in case of emergency you need CPR classes. These will help you to know what to do in case of emergency in the tattoo shop. And is also good for a professional tattoo artist to be trained in CPR training.

5. The actually apprenticeship. Nothing is going to replace a good tattoo apprenticeship. Tattoo apprenticeships can take up to a year to complete and can be replaced by nothing. Working one on one with a trained professional is going to be the only real way to learn how to tattoo. Its so many different things you will need to learn from making needles, sterilization,stencil making, tattoo outlining and coloring, shading and much more. its really extensive and is worth its weight in gold. Tattoo apprenticeships can be paid for cash or you can work it off over a year of labor at most shops. You just have to look around. Theirs even tattoo schools now, dedicated to taking a artist and making a professional tattoo artist out of them.

Main thing is preparing a portfolio and seeking out a shop to take you in. So make sure you do that and dress nice. and be nice, as you will have to convince a shop to take you and that's not always easy. Additionally you don't want to gain a bad rap at doing some no-nos in the tattoo field like:



Tattooing minors.

Tattooing at home.

Gossip and drama.

These are just a few tips, we will be updating this often to provide more tips. Stay tuned. -Dragon Tattoo Supplies

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