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How to Market Your Tattoo Shop

If you own any business, in this case a tattoo shop, you know how it can be trying to drum up daily business. These days you can save yourself a lot of hassle by using today's tools. Tools like the internet and social media. Not only are these ideas a minimally low cost, they are also very powerful. Marketing your tattoo shop online is very important because most people looking for tattoo services often look online to learn ratings and reputation of tattoo shops. Here is a list of things needed to market your shop online and a small explanation of each.



Google: Getting your website listed on Google will be the most rewarding in the longterm. Google drives most of the traffic and IS the elephant in the room. To be listed on Google you will utilize SEO tactics and Google business profile.

Yelp: While many don't like Yelp, it ranks high on Google and also drives traffic. You can setup a profile on Yelp free then populate it with your tattoo art and body piercing pictures. You can also use their upgraded services. It can be a little expensive, but it does work. A good time to use Yelp is in the slow season to get traffic through the door. Special occasions or specials that you run are also good to promote through Yelp.

Craigslist: Is a good way to advertise your business at limited to no cost. CL has been used for years with success. Prepare some nice ads with your tattoo shop, all your business info, some great pictures of your work and some content. Save it in a document on your computer desktop, then go back and repost it every so often. It really works great!

Printed Ads: Classifieds still work well. There are other means to advertising in an economical way. The local newspaper, they still have classifieds and they are reasonably priced. Coupon feedback is soso, but it is still getting your name in the public eye and that is afterall what advertisement is all about.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and probably a new one most days comes up. It all works. Promoting your shop on social media is cost effective and worth your time in updates.

Word of Mouth: Never underestimate it! They are showing your work off to others, letting them know where they can phone you for an appointment, essentially, there is not a cost to you, rather an awesome way for, do great work ;)




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