Basic Tips on Tuning Your Tattoo Machine

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In order to achieve the precision you need in creating your tattoo pieces, you have to make sure that your tattoo machine is tuned according to your preferences and technical needs. If you are new to tattoo machine tuning, here are some useful tips that can be of great help:

Shimming Your Coils

If a tattoo machine is working properly, you would normally see the top of the frontal coil touching the armature bar as it comes down while pressed right before the rear coil of the machine makes contact with the bar. If this doesn't happen on your machine while the armature bar is pressed then it would be no surprise if you find yourself struggling to use it. This calls for shimming your coils. To start shimming, you have to get brand new shims from your tattoo supply store. Place the shims behind the front coil so that the coil makes contact with the armature bar right before the rear coil does.

Adjusting the Speed
Depending on the type of tattoo design you are trying to create as well as your work pace and your client's tattoo pain tolerance, you might want to adjust the speed of your tattoo machine accordingly. To adjust the speed, you have to remove the retaining bar of your equipment first; the retaining bar can be found at the back of the machine right by the contact screw. To make the machine go slower which is ideal for lining, simply turn the screw to the left; turn it to the right if you want the machine to go faster.

Changing the Length of the Stroke
Different heaviness of tattoo work requires different machine strokes. Therefore, constant adjustment is required when doing different tattoo work. To adjust the length of the stroke, simply adjust the spring tension of your tattoo machine. You might want to use short and strong strokes for lining and longer strokes for coloring.

A Quick Note on Replacing Tattoo Machine Parts
Specific parts of your tattoo machine will eventually acquire wear and tear. Damage can be done and you will need to replace parts. When replacing tattoo machine parts, make sure that you only use high quality parts and accessories which you can get from Dragon Tattoo Supply; ( This is to ensure that newly replaced parts don't fail unexpectedly. If you don't have prior experience in replacing tattoo machine parts, you should have a professional do the job for you.

Tuning your tattoo machine properly will make your job easier. It can help you create high quality tattoo pieces which can attract more customers and eventually create more business with your tattoo career.  

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