Selecting the Best Tattoo Machine

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A tattoo artist is only as good as his skills and the equipment he uses to perform the task. Think about it like this. When you are a tattoo artist , the tattoo machine is your paintbrush, and the human skin is your canvas. Even if you have the best skills , your tattoo equipment can hinder you from producing the best work. Therefore, you should not have any amount of concern when tattoo equipment costs around 100$ to 200$. In the long run, it will help you gain a client base and also be referred a lot of people because of the quality of your work. Ultimately, you will earn your money back and your work will begin to speak for itself.

The first thing that you should consider when looking to purchase a tattoo machine , is the shape and size of it. Keep in mind that you will be holding and toting it for long periods of time and long parts of the day. If the machine is too large , then carrying it around will become a chore and can even decrease the quality of your work. I recommended buying a machine in person so you can play around with it physically and decide in person if the size is right for you.

Obviously, you should also consider the quality. Along with making sure the size suits you , you should also check for sturdiness. A good machine consists of materials such as iron , brass , or copper. These materials are sturdy and strong which will definitely be beneficial to you.

You also need to be sure that you have the correct guns and needles for the type of tasks that you do. Shading and outlining will require two different types of needles to get the job done. You should also consider purchasing a machine that is a bit more advanced and that offers the option to change the settings. This will allow you to change the machine to a certain setting so that you can perform the task to the best of your ability.

Those are some things to consider when buying a tattoo machine. A poor tattoo machine will decrease the quality of your work and can ultimately cause you to lose clients and not gain as much work. Having a good machine will ensure that you produce the highest quality of work and make customers happy. Remember that it is okay to splurge a little bit on the right machine because it will payoff and even out in the long run.






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