Getting Started as a Tattoo Artist

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After you have done your homework and have decided on getting a tattoo kit that you feel you would be happy with, it would be best to start on a piece of practice skin. Learn to create lining and about the depth of the needle is very important. These are a couple of things you will not learn overnight. We highly recommend getting your skill set down well before tattooing yourself or others.

If your work is or is not up to par, and word gets out, it and can either make or break you. Getting some training is always helpful, art and techniques are always evolving. With training and practice you will be able to have a better understanding of form as well as color technology. 

Training to be a tattoo artist can take you a few months or years depending on your ability. You must be able to understand form, color, line drawing and shading among other things, such as State Laws, Health Department requirements, and whether you need certification or not. Most require you to be certified and to have that certification renewed every year or two, it's advised to check state requirements before thinking of putting ink to skin. 

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