How To Make A Tattoo Stencil

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Creating a stencil for a tattoo is a relatively easy process although it does take some practice to master the technique.

A tattoo artist will create a stencil of the tattoo design before applying tattoos onto the client. The stencil provides an outline of the intended tattoo which allows the tattoo artist to work accurately and at a good pace.

Materials needed:

In order to create a tattoo stencil, you will need a sheet of tracing or wax paper, a fine-tipped ink pen, stencil fluid and a dip pen. You could also choose to buy pens that already contain stencil fluid which eliminate the need to constantly dip the pen in the stencil fluid.

Creating the tattoo design:

Choose and sketch a selected design on a regular piece of paper. Be sure to draw heavy outlines to allow for easy tracing when transferring to the sheet of tracing or wax paper. The design needs to meet these few basic requirements so that you can draw the design many times until you've reached the desired look.

Transferring the design onto tracing paper:

Next, transfer the design onto tracing paper by placing the sheet of tracing paper over the original design and carefully trace the lines of the design using a fine-tipped ink pen. It's best if you tape the original drawing and the tracing paper onto a smooth and sturdy working surface before you begin tracing to prevent slipping which may cause errors to the design.

Then, turn the tracing paper with the design on it over and place another blank sheet of tracing paper on top of it and proceed to trace the design onto the blank sheet of tracing paper using stencil fluid or stencil pen. This reversal is done because when placed on the skin, the stencil transfers backwards, Making it important to reverse the tattoo so that it faces the right direction.

Transferring the stencil onto the skin:

Prepare the area that the stencil will be applied by cleansing it with an antibacterial soap. Next, shave the area with a fresh sterilized disposable razor. Then, apply a stencil lotion onto the prepped skin and place the stencil drawing, with the stencil fluid side facing down on the skin. Pat, don't smooth or you may have blurring. Leave the stencil on for a few minutes and then carefully peel off the tracing paper. This should have transferred the stencil design onto the skin. Ready, set, ink!

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