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Since tattoos are meant to be permanent marks on our bodies, they ought to be done well. Before any tattooist performs the art on anyone, he/she must have undergone some training and licensing. It can be quite challenging to reverse it, so you have to do it perfectly. Read on to learn how to tattoo.


First and foremost, you must prepare yourself well by acquiring drawing and coloring skills. Remember, tattooing is all about artistic design or fashion permanently inserted into the skin. How would you be able to achieve this if you can’t draw? Plus not all tattoos are made using black ink. That is why you also have to understand coloring. Build your portfolio that you can use to show off your skills. Try making temporary art by use of henna as this will help showcase your talent. You can also get a tattoo for yourself, and this will help you learn more about the procedure. 


Secondly, you would require an apprenticeship. Connect with other tattoo artists to assist you on this. Once successful, familiarize yourself with the equipment used for tattooing. Learn how it should be cleaned and maintained. Other than wearing the surgical gloves, you need to observe hygienic measures. It will help prevent you from getting infections. Any area of skin that you tattoo must always be clean. Learn more about skin conditions. Regardless of your artistic skills, knowing about skin conditions is helpful since some clients tend to react to some gloves or dyes. Get information about infection control since you will need to instruct those that you tattoo on how to take care of the tattoos before they heal permanently. 


It may take some time before the artist you are apprenticing under gives you permission to start tattooing. Be patient. You will get the go ahead once you are fully trained and ready. 


Once you start, be hygienic. Ensure that you wash your hands and always have your surgical gloves on before tattooing. Your workspace should also be clean. No client wants to have a tattoo in a dirty environment. 


Sterilize your equipment by use of an autoclave. Your customer should see you do this as it will help assure them that they won’t get any infections. Before you tattoo, prepare the skin area of your client. Shave and disinfect it. To prevent cuts or skin irritations, shave in the direction that the hair is growing. 


Use a tattoo guide. Place a stencil of the design onto his skin before you begin the actual procedure. Keep the skin taut. Next, use ink and a single tip needle to create an outline of the design. Clean it again once you finish. Then use different sets of needles and thick ink to tattoo the inside of your tattoo. Clean the area. To avoid gaps, use ink to overlap the outline and interior lines. Clean it again before bandaging it. 

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