How to Draw Tattoos

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How to Draw Tattoos

Tattoos have always been popular, and if your skills are

good, you will be in great demand. Whether your desire is to become a tattoo

artist or you simply love how certain tattoos are designed, this guide is for

you. You will be able to improve your drawing skills, make better tattoos and have

great fun along the way. It is something that almost everyone can do, and if

you do it well, it can be a reliable source of income. Once word spreads that

you have some good skills, you will be surprised how many people will come

knocking at your door. Here is how to draw tattoos and progressively become a


Start with a good drawing

Every great tattoo starts from a great drawing. It is the

focal point and a source of reference from which you will get the inspiration

on the tattoo you are about to design. Suffice it to say that a bad drawing

will probably produce a bad tattoo, no matter how talented you are.

Be a good listener

A good tattoo artist should be a patient listener. Make

sure that you completely understand what your client wants before you begin.

Listening is also an art. Remember that the body of your client is the canvas,

so you need to fully understand what they want to display or communicate. A disgruntled

client will not help your business at all.

If you will be creating custom tattoo drawings, it is

vital that you spend time with your client so as to get a grasp of what they

might like. Lots of people want original and custom tattoos because they want

to be unique.

Drawing tattoos on people is an immense honor, but if you

are not confident in creating a particular tattoo, it is better to just refuse.

Some tattoo drawings are very complex, and only the very best artists can do

them. If you do a shoddy tattoo, you will always be constantly reminded of the

terrible job you did every time you see that person. Even the best pros started

from somewhere, so work patiently on bettering your skill and soon you will hit

those heights too.

Tattooing is a serious job

Always keep in mind that tattoos are very important to

the people requesting them, and you should feel honored that they have allowed

you to use their bodies as your canvas. They will have your ink forever on

their bodies, so always aim to do an excellent job at all times.

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